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Quality Assurance
Our Promise to You

EnviroCompliance Laboratories is informed and up-to-date on all legislation involving environmental issues including EPA and DEQ regulations.

If you need to meet environmental compliance laws you can rely on us to provide data that meets all regulatory requirements.

Simply put, we are here to do a good job for you.

Our Quality Assurance philosophy extends into every aspect of our work. Our dynamic quality assurance program begins with our staff. Every analyst is a college-educated professional that has a science degree background. All analysts participate in a rigorous training program under the supervision of our management team that includes a proficiency test (also known as a blind audit) and initial demonstration of capabilities (IDCs). All analysts are also provided with all SOPs and relevant documentation allowing them to understand the science behind the analytical tests.

Our computer system developed and maintained by our in-house IT staff is also vital to our Quality Assurance Program. All data is directly entered into our LIMS system that eliminates the possibility of transcription error. This interactive system allows the analytical team to have immediate feedback to ensure utmost adherence to quality assurance. We strongly believe that computerization is a vital key to our superior quality assurance program. To that end, computer terminals are available through the laboratories at each analytical station.

EnviroCompliance participates in numerous PT rounds throughout the year including WS, WP and DMR-QA rounds.

Reliable, accurate data in a timely fashion ... Our promise to you.


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